Chloe Kinnon is from New Hampshire (currently living in Nashville). Although she’s taken up many instruments through out her life, her true passion is drumming. At the age of three, all Chloe wanted for christmas was a drum and the rest is history. She has had many experiences with performing live and taking part in studio work.
Chloe has played in various bands including:
Left Hand Blue (Rock/Alt/Pop), Lost Thoughts (Punk/Grunge), The Manettes (Rock), and many more smaller projects. Some of her small projects include a funk/jazz trio and rocking out to some country while backing local Nashville artists. Chloe plays SJC Custom Drums.

Chloe also takes part in singing and songwriting. Her rock/blues/punk inspired vocals and rhythm heavy guitar playing has landed her many performance opportunities. She enjoys connecting with people through music. All her work can be found on Youtube, Itunes, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and Spotify.